Flying Fish, which is known for its innovative and fun nature, has broken countless boundaries when it comes to being South Africa’s favourite flavoured blend. So how does such a brand make us go, WHAT THE FLYING FISH, one more time?

While the rest of us may be worrying about when we will be having our next cold one Flying Fish is thinking about when our next meal will be. Yes, you read that right. Flying fish is all about doing things differently and responsibly, so that every experience with our beer is a positive one.

According to Tegwyn Hughes at Queen’s University, the science to eating before alcohol consumption is clear; the fat in food sticks to the stomach’s lining for an extended period while drinking, slowing the process of the alcohol flow into the bloodstream, therefore extending the amount of time a person is sober and enjoy themselves to the fullest.

Drinking on an empty stomach should never be an option and Flying Fish is taking that seriously. Research shows that eating a good, hefty meal also helps combat your blood alcohol concentration levels, and dehydration.

[divider]But what does that have to do with Flying Fish?[/divider]

There is an untapped truth that Flying Fish is now refurbishing as their own brand message alongside Uber Eats. Researchers have proven that there truly is a method to the madness and it’s very simple. Flying Fish is taking a stance: if researchers say it’s possible, then why don’t we make it happen?

Research shows that it takes about 30 minutes to feel the effects of alcohol but 1 hour to metabolize one serving of alcohol. So this just means you feel it before it even gets to your blood stream.


Zachary Kingston FF brand manager : “Taking a moment to appreciate a new innovation of world-firsts’, Flying Fish x Uber Eats is saying: eat now, drink later. This, like many of our campaigns truly make you go: #WhatTheFlyingFish? but you have to #FlowWithIt. After all, you cant enjoy yourself to the fullest unless you have a full stomache. The goal is to inspire lovers of a cold one to #EatWithIt and always eat when they drink.

Now that Flying Fish knows that its’ people are hungry first and thirsty second, they feel its high time this is addressed. With the Flying Dish Kitchen; graced with the presence of inspirational chefs such as Chef Neo and her crew of established chefs can now get their hands on their favourite pre and post groove meals. Open in two locations in Johannesburg, 6 days a week from 12h00 – 20h00, Cape Town to follow.

Kingston adds that, “Flying Fish is a brand that prides itself on bringing light-hearted fun to consumers who are over the age of 18+ only. As a brand we brew a beverage of moderation , that is to be enjoyed responsibly . We do this by making it easy and fun for consumers to associate smart drinking choices, with food, whilst giving them practical means to eat before they drink, this we believe is a smart behaviour pattern which we continue to affirm.”

Now how’s that for #WhatInTheFlyingFish?