Middle Eastern flair for Purveyors of Luxury Pâtisserie in Nelson Mandela Square


The fine boutique pâtisserie and boulangerie Just Teddy is renowned for having redefined heritage haute cuisine, curating a fashion-inspired fusion of Parisian delights fused with Middle Eastern flair. Now, visitors to Nelson Mandela Square can savour and experience the luxury café dining and world-class confectionery creations that accompany Just Teddy’s signature savoir-faire, with a new dining destination that was unveiled this past weekend in Africa’s richest square mile.

The emerald of Nelson Mandela Square, Just Teddy takes its Middle Eastern flavour even further.  The décor was inspired by the chic decadence of Dubai, offering purveyors of fine banqueting everything the brand is renowned for, and more, now with a sumptuous dinner menu added to the bespoke experience. Additionally, a champagne bar and semifreddo station will add to the exclusive artistry of the Nelson Mandela Square experience.

The new Just Teddy also boasts a luxurious breakfast menu, offering signature dishes to wake even the most delicate taste buds, including lobster benedict. The indulgent cocktail menu, including the blueberry and chai koeksister cocktail, offers the perfect accompaniment to any visit, while the signature entremets epitomise the ultimate sensory culinary experience. Passers-by can also enjoy signature waffles and pancakes from a kiosk dedicated to these delicacies in true Just Teddy style.

The limited edition and sought-after Just Teddy high tea will be available from Tuesday to Sunday, offering melt-in-the-mouth Middle Eastern concoctions entwined with the flavours of foreign shores, and perfumed with rose water, dates and za’atar. Treat yourself to the prettiest éclairs, delicately dressed in translucent pastels and more. Booking is essential.

Part of the charm of Just Teddy is the delightful story behind the brand. Established from humble beginnings, Just Teddy founders, Teddy and the Zaki family, started retailing their unique creations at 1Fox in downtown Johannesburg. What started as a small booth, soon mushroomed into a bigger stand and a 24-hour bakery, as foodies couldn’t get enough of the unique flavours and exquisitely crafted creations. It wasn’t long before Teddy Zaki himself was invited to participate in the Great South African Bake Off. His following quickly grew as television viewers were drawn to his kind nature, while Teddy effortlessly infused his creations with his Lebanese and French origins. The rest, as they say, is history. Just Teddy opened its doors in Hyde Park in 2019, and soon became renowned as luxury connoisseurs, coupling a reputation for attention to detail with their signature flavours and flair. The Nelson Mandela Square location marks the second Just Teddy in South Africa and promises a culinary experience unlike any other in every bite. This store will operate free from all pork and pork by-products, and as always, the gelatin used for all dishes and desserts is Halaal.


Just Teddy in Nelson Mandela Square is open seven days a week in line with the centre’s trading hours. For more information, or to make a reservation go to https://justteddy.co.za/ or follow Just Teddy on social media @JustTeddy_SA.