For us foodies, there comes a time when we need to put the gourmet lifestyle aside and get back to some good clean eating. So it was with much excitement that we went head to head on the FitChef 21 Day Challenge. With us both leading very busy lifestyles and still trying to be somewhat health conscious, the challenge was just what we needed.

Gregg being a bit of a gym junkie and myself not so much, we were intrigued to see how our lifestyles would change and if our results would vary. In the beginning we were a little sceptical if FitChef would deliver on their promises or be just another fitness fad. We are pleased to say that after the 21 days, we look better and more importantly feel a whole lot better. FitChef more than exceeded our expectations.

Inherently we all tend to get lazy when it comes to our eating habits and we’ll both hold up our hands to this. Often skipping breakfast or missing lunch. Both of us being actors and working nights, we often found ourselves grabbing junk food for a late dinner. This was the last thing we wanted to put into our bodies but at that time, what was one to do?

FitChef was the ideal solution to this problem. The new and very easy regime of eating proper, ready to go food at the right times made all the difference. A delicious FitChef smoothie for breakfast each morning sustained us well until lunch. The Meal on the Go smoothie is exactly that, it leaves you feeling full and satisfied. For a weekend treat, we accompanied our fruit smoothies with some scrambled egg and amazingly we found no need for a slice of toast to go with it.

The lunch meals with pasta or rice were truly delicious and it was great to feel our bodies getting used to eating a proper lunch. The way our tastebuds reacted to the natural flavours of the meals was also a great surprise. Good food that tasted great. There was no need to add any extra sauces or condiments, except for a little dash of black pepper now and then.

After our long days, dinners were a breeze. Tasty and convenient. Simply pop a FitChef dinner into a cooler bag in the morning, along with a couple of bottles of water for the day. At the office or the theatre, just microwave your meal for 3min and enjoy! The Boerewors Breedie with Sweet Potato Mash & Green Beans and Vegetarian – Tikka Roasted Vegetables with Butternut were two of our definite favourites. Our castmates and colleagues would smell the aroma of our meals and had many questions about the FitChef story. We found ourselves promoting our new delicious secret to anyone willing to listen!

Now for the most amazing part of our journey. The physical and very noticeable transformations. One always has a few kilos to lose but let it be said we did not embark on this challenge solely for weightloss. However, shedding 5.4kg, 4cm and 2.3% body fat was truly remarkable. Gregg being the fitness fundi he is, lost an amazing 8.2kg and 3cm. 21 days later and we are both feeling fantastic and are probably in the healthiest shape we’ve been in years. All this whilst not feeling even mildly hungry or like we were on some crazy crash diet.

FitChef is an amazing healthy eating program that delivers in every way. It’s easy to follow, gives you more than enough nutrition and takes convenience to a whole new level. It’s a lifestyle change we would challenge anyone to try if you place a premium value on your health. We certainly now do and are firm advocates of the FitChef lifestyle.

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Look out for our interview with FitChef founder Wayne Kaminsky coming soon.