Nespresso launches the revolutionary Vertuo coffee system for coffee lovers in South Africa.


At a touch of a button, The Vertuo system offers coffee drinkers five different cup sizes ranging from 40ml to 535ml. It features an intelligent extraction system that provides an extremely high level of precision as the machine recognizes a barcode on each Vertuo capsule and then adjusts the brewing parameters (such as temperature, flow rate, rotational speed and the time the water is in contact with the coffee) to deliver the best in-cup result.

With over 30 different coffee blends available – including various flavoured roasts and decaffeinated options – there’s something to suit every taste. Each coffee has been developed for a particular cup size to give the optimum intensity and flavour. The process for brewing couldn’t really be much simpler. Turn the machine on, and you’ll have to wait half a minute for it to heat up. Lift the lid, and the machine opens with an electric whir, place the capsule in, press the lid down to close (which also punctures the capsule) and press the big button on top to start the brewing.

By scanning a barcode on the capsule you’ve inserted, the machine decides certain “extraction parameters”, including the cup size the blend is designed for, the temperature the water should be, the rotational speed, the flow rate and the time the water should be in contact with the coffee.

The breakthrough patented extraction process used in Vertuo ensures a naturally formed foam of coffee and air known as a crema, which protects coffee aromas and quality. It seals them in the cup until they are released as the coffee drinker enjoys their coffee. By bringing crema, the signature of espresso, to the world of large-cup coffees, Nespresso Vertuo delivers a large-cup coffee of unprecedented quality. The silky generous crema is not only visually beautiful but also enhances the tasting pleasure.