This month is all about the tastiest and most delicious food, recipes and family dishes that celebrate what it truly means to be South African. Exclusive Books has put together a list of the best Homebru tasty reads. We were lucky enough to fill our homes, hearts and plates with the aromas and flavours from the pages of four of these incredible cookbooks.


[divider]Siba Mtongana[/divider]

It’s not often that we get to take a seat at the table in a locally and internationally renowned chef’s home. This is exactly what you get to do as you flip through the pages of Siba Mtongana’s Welcome To My Table. This beautifully curated best-selling cookbook not only makes you the guest of honour at Siba’s dining table, but also shares her heartfelt cooking stories in the most personal way. A real glimpse into the Mtongana family and how they live, love and most importantly eat together.

Being a super busy working mom, Siba knows all the challenges we face in this crazy ever-changing world. She has made it her mission to help her readers make Sibalicious meals in no time at all. Her recipes reflect her local roots, international food trends and some of the exotic flavours and ideas she’s picked up on her travels around the world. Siba gives you the tips and tricks that will make something you whipped up in under an hour look like you’ve been slaving over the stove all day.

You’ll find ways to jazz up salads and veggies and discover deeply satisfying roasts and mouth-watering fish dishes. Get your copy and get into the kitchen because as Siba says, “food should be beautiful and tasty, but easy to make.”


[divider]The Lazy Makoti[/divider]

As South Africans we all have a number of dishes that set our tastebuds and our hearts aflutter. This is just what The Lazy Makoti, Mogau Seshoene, had in mind when she created The Lazy Makoti’s Guide To The Kitchen – a no. 1 bestseller and Gourmand World Cookbook Awards winner.

Being the melting-pot of cultures that South Africa is, what better way to celebrate this then through our most favourite and flavoursome dishes. Mogau’s collection of recipes takes you through breakfast basics, show-stopper seven colour Sunday lunches, heart-warming soups and stews, sweet cheats and even traditional African favorites, just like gogo used to make them.

As always, don’t take our word for it, do as Mogau suggests and step into those domestic goddess stilettos.


[divider]Natasha Sideris[/divider]

This beautifully cookbook is more than just a culinary journey, it’s a celebration of all things food and art. Curated by Natasha Sideris, the Founder and CEO of Tashas Group and the maverick of the casual dining scene in South Africa. Who better to take you on a dream foodie journey than this deliciously talented woman. Dive into these pages and uncover remarkable food experiences woven together to create a harmonious whole.

A collection of recipes from different cuisines around the world – tashas inspired is designed to evoke emotion and memory and to inspire you to create these sensory experiences and adventures in your own home.


[divider]Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen[/divider]

Food transports us and creates moments which become memories. This is what inspired A Breath of French from one of South Africa’s most revered chefs, Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen – chef and patron of Michelin-star Restaurant. A memoir and celebration of JAN eatery, a South African restaurant in the south of France.

As Jan says, every food story has a beginning. His started started at tables of his mother and grandmother, where the notion of true South African hospitality seeped into his consciousness to become the foundation on which her later built JAN. What better way to embark on your own food journey then by learning from one of our homegrown greats.


The publishing of South African cookbooks has seen tremendous growth and there is a cookbook to suit every flavour, trend and cook. Food is a great unifier – anything can be overcome over a hearty meal around a warm table – so in many ways, celebrating food is about togetherness.

So get to an Exclusive Books store or shop online and start whipping up some insanely delicious home-grown delights!