We’re always on the hunt for what’s hot, hip and happening in Hoi An. We’re happy to report the new pop-up, Opio beach bar, sure delivers!

opio-beach-bar-hoi-anOpened only a few weeks back, Opio is just what Hoi An needs. Even if it’s only for two-months.

Located directly on the beach between Soul Beach and Kahuna’s, just after the stretch of sand, it’s already the perfect after-hours spot. Now, Opio beach bar is bringing Hoi An’s first Lebanese pop-up to life.

While I can’t (yet) comment on the food since it has yet to open, I can say I have high hopes for some delicious and tasty cuisine. We have it on good authority that this chef knows his way around the kitchen.

As one guest described it at a menu preview, ‘authentic Lebanese cuisine with stunning beach views and great music — how can you go wrong’.

Opio Beach Bar: Official Menu Launch Party

Join More Than Food Mag for the tasting / launch of the new Opio beach bar Lebanese on Wednesday, 19 September from 2 pm until 2 am.

Wondering what’s on the menu? Lucky for you, we’ve got your sneak peek at the Opio Beach Bar menu.

We’re planning on stopping by around 9 pm. What about you?

Warning: the food may not last…it’s while supplies last for their tasting event.

Hoi An’s After Hours Spot: Opio Beach Bar

opio-beach-bar-djUntil then, don’t miss the awesome DJs and sweet beach vibe going down at Opio almost every night. Best to check their Facebook page (@OpioHoiAn) before heading out but the party typically gets started around 11 pm.

Insider Tip: The best parties always happen on Friday nights. Mark your diary. 🙂

Remember, Opio beach bar is a pop-up so your window to visit is limited. Essentially, when the rains come for the season, it’s over so hurry down and check it out.