SJP Collection

Many of us know her from Sex and The City as a beloved fashion icon and actress, but, now she’s bringing those fashions to life. If you haven’t already guessed it, I’m referring to the one and only Sarah Jessica Parker and the stunning SJP Collection. Although I might’ve missed the era of Sex and The City, I’ve always adored Sarah Jessica Parker for the looks she’s served – on and off the screen.

Most celebrities, at some point in their career, pursue their own clothing lines, perfumes, shoe collections, and whatever else you can think of in the beauty and fashion industry. Often these collections undergo more scrutiny because a lot of consumers, buyers and even investors find this to be tacky. We all remember Miley Cyrus’ clothing line at Walmart many years ago and it was, to put bluntly, awful. The clothing wasn’t even fashionable for the time but the marketing was also cheap and embarrassing. The clothing line didn’t last. In contrast, Sarah Jessica Parker went for a sophisticated and luxury brand that has us all comparing her shoes to haute couture footwear seen on the runway.

You can find the SJP Collection in many department stores like Bloomingdale’s, Amazon Fashion, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Zappos Luxury, Max & Riley, Esti’s, Tootsies, Browns, and Hudson’s Bay. I really love that she opted for a wider selection of high end retailers instead of sticking to one store or even trying to launch her own store too soon. She executed her creativity perfectly from a consumer point of view.

There’s a wide variety of styles in the SJP Collection. I think it’s really admirable when designers don’t only work from their own taste, but also incorporate trendy looks that the general public enjoy. To have an eye not just for yourself and your own social group, says a lot about a brand in my opinion. When I first came across this collection, I was nervous about even looking at the price tag as I’m a very thrifty and bargain-hunting kind of gal; but to my pleasant surprise, the prices weren’t that unreal. Of course, these shoes and bags still have an intimidating price tag but not so much that you would never even consider. To give an idea, on the Bloomingdales website, SJP shoes start at $113 on sale and work their way up to $525 regular price.

My favorite styles from the SJP Collection are the ones with a bit of glam and flare. I really like my accessories to be expressive and my clothing to be more minimalist. This helps to create a balance between each article of clothing worn.

SJP Tartt Metallic Mary Jane Mid Heel Pumps

Bloomingdales: SJP Tartt Metallic Mary Jane Mid Heel Pumps $385

SJP Collection Ladybird Clutch

Amazon: Ladybird Clutch $395

For those of you who aren’t keen on an extravagant look and prefer to keep your accessories a bit simplistic, the SJP Collection provides a range of flats that are minimal but remain fashionable. It’s also safe to say that not everyone appreciates a small clutch bag and prefers something more relaxed and casual. You’re in luck, because the SJP Collection carries simple bags that can compliment any attire.

SJP Slip Suede Pointed Toe Mules

Bloomingdale’s: SJP Slip Suede Pointed Toe Mules $345

SJP Bayard Convertible Shoulder Bag

Amazon: SJP Bayard Convertible Shoulder Bag $97.50

Overall, I think Sarah Jessica Park has done a remarkable job on pulling together her vision in the fashion world. Women who are versatile enough to do it all from acting to business, play a big factor in why we have the beautiful art and fashion that we do today. Kudos to the incredibly hard working women from all walks of life and backgrounds who have built, and continue to build, an empire – especially in the fashion industry.