Hot summer days are fast approaching and there is no better time to switch to lighter meal options. Whether you’re enjoying a salad, a wrap or a snack this summer, Aromat Naturally Tasty is encouraging all South Africans to ‘shake’ what mother nature gave them as they enjoy light, healthy and flavoursome meals.

With no MSG, GMO’s, artificial ingredients, preservatives or colourants and 40% less salt, Aromat Naturally Tasty is the perfect guilt-free all-purpose seasoning.

Says Aromat Brand Lead, Thobeka Mkhize: “In this context, mother nature refers to the natural flavours in Aromat Naturally Tasty. The seasoning’s key ingredients are a subtle combination of mushrooms, bay leaves, turmeric, onion, celery and garlic. These flavours make this seasoning a great addition to any meal or snack.”

To ensure that there won’t be a lack of meal inspiration, Aromat has partnered with 5 of South Africa’s foodies, chefs and health enthusiasts which include the likes of Celebrity Mystery Box host, Les Da Chef. Each of them will be sharing meal inspiration for the next eight weeks. Follow the hashtag #NaturallyTasty #AromatShakeUp to make sure that you don’t miss out on the amazing meal inspiration they cook up. In addition to this, Aromat Naturally Tasty seasoning will be making a “special appearance” on Metro FM for four weeks with meal inspiration.

“We know that our consumers are constantly on the lookout for healthier options and we understand that it’s very important to look after our bodies and to be aware of what we’re consuming. We want to do this without compromising on taste or that special flavour which Aromat is known for,” adds Mkhize.

To get you started, check out this quick and tasty, Chip ‘n Chicken Salad recipe


2 tbsp           Olive oil

200 g            Skinny fries

½ tbsp          Robertsons Mixed Peppercorns

1 bag            Mixed green leaves

300 g            Chicken breast, cubed

100 g            Pineapple cubes

2                   Soft boiled eggs, quartered

2 tbsp           Parmesan shavings

1 tbsp           Lemon juice

Aromat Naturally Tasty Seasoning


  1. Heat oven to 180 * C, spread the skinny fries on a large non-stick baking tray and drizzle ½ tbsp of olive oil, Aromat Naturally Tasty Seasoning, mixed peppercorns and roast for 10 minutes.
  2. Heat ½ tbsp of olive oil in a non – stick pan over medium heat, add the cubed chicken pieces and fry until golden brown or for about 15 minutes then season with Aromat Naturally Tasty Seasoning & pepper.
  3. In a large salad bowl mix your green leaves, skinny fries, cubed chicken breast, pineapple cubes and toss them together.
  4. Top with your soft-boiled eggs and sprinkle the parmesan shavings over the salad.
  5. Finish by drizzling some lemon juice and finally season with Aromat Naturally Tasty Seasoning.


When using chicken breasts, always remember to adjust the cooking time as chicken breasts will dry out if cooked for too long.

To get the best colour you need to have a super-hot pan.