Senior contributor Darren Meltz shares his top summer tech picks, all available from Gammatek South Africa.

With the SA summer fast approaching and many exciting things on the way, let’s have a look at my gadget and collectable picks for the season.

Top Summer Tech Picks:

Number One – Funko Pops

If you’re a collector and a series fan like me, then you need to know about Funko Pops!

There’s one for every type of fan and while awaiting season three of my favourite series, Stranger Things, I could not resist getting myself a Ghostbuster Will vinyl collectible. He now has pride of place on my desk amongst all my other figurines.

So what exactly makes Funkos the latest craze? Apart from staying relevant and up to date with all new characters as new releases come out, these crazy characters have also put the fun back into collecting. There are even websites like Funkopedia where you can go look up the value of Funko characters and see when a line has been discontinued.

What’s really got everyone in a frenzy are the Funko Pop Chase units. These are extremely rare Funkos because they only come out for certain characters and are not so easy to get your hands on. Not even the stores know if they will be getting these.

If that isn’t enough to awaken the geek in you, there are exclusive release Funkos that are only available through a certain retailer or eventSort of like a real life Pokemon Go.

Top Summer Tech Picks:

Number Two – Snüg Wireless Charging Dock

snug-wireless-chargerWith a cable for this

and a cable for that.

USB3 or USB4?

Keeping your devices charged,

can be quite the chore.


It’s 2018, people…wireless is the way to go!

This nifty little charging plate from Scandinavian accessories brand Snüg looks great and charges like a demon. What I like best is that I can just grab my phone when I need to dash and not hassle again with plugs and cords. With 5W / 7.5W and 10W charging capabilities you’ll go from 0 – 100% in no time at all.

Top Summer Tech Picks:

Number Three – Solo Peak Backpack

black-backpackFitting everything you need into one tiny backpack? These days that’s unheard of these days!

Now, you can pop your Funkos, Snügs, laptops and anything else into the most versatile backpack I’ve come across.

The Solo Peak is strong, versatile and street-smart. This little carryall comes in city-cool black or deep burgundy and is built for all-day, everyday use. It’s innovative design allows me to pack my business things alongside my overnight things.

It’s also stylish enough for me to take to a meeting and then sling over my shoulder and head off to my next adventure. 


All of these awesome goodies are available online from Gammatek.

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