Preserving roses is a great way to lock in a moment in time, like your wedding day, anniversary, or a special event. By preserving your flowers, you can keep them for a longer period of time than if you left them in a vase.

Whether you’re expressing love, friendship or well wishes, a preserved flower ensures that your gesture lasts so much longer.

But what’s the catch? Are the flowers fake? Do they still require water?

We spoke to La Fiora Flowers, a Cape Town based company who specializes in preserved roses, and asked them to talk us through exactly why preserved roses have become such a popular feature in many homes.

What makes preserved flowers so popular?

Well, for starters, they last a lot longer than normal flowers. The general lifespan of fresh cut flowers is 1-2 weeks, sometimes even less. At La Fiora Flowers, our products are put through a protection process which is unique to the preservation of these flowers, allowing their natural beauty to last for a further 18 months after being picked. They last up to 70x longer than normal flowers, which makes the cost a justifiable spend.


How does the actual flower remain unchanged?

With La Fiora preserved flowers, the preservation process occurs as the preservation liquid replaces the sap and water within the plant, effectively forming a still-image of nature, creating a unique and 100% natural product. The preserved flowers and plants remain beautiful and unchanged for months.


Is the flower fake?

All preserved products by La Fiora are real, natural flowers that have been treated with a plant-based and biodegradable preservation liquid. Esentially you can say they are “frozen in time”. No toxic ingredients are used.


What maintenance is required when it comes to your preserved flowers?

Whist fresh flowers require water top ups and constant attention, our preserved flowers require no water or sunlight. Your flowers never wilt and you do not need to remove dry leaves or replace the flower periodically. You will always have beautiful flowers! The only care the product requires is occasional removal of dust, ideally with an air spray, air blower or alternatively dusting with a soft cloth.


What makes La Fiora flowers unique?

At La Fiora, we are environmentally conscious and promote a low carbon footprint. Our preserved flowers are imported by ocean freight. Their extended lifespan allows us to use shipping that reduces our impact on the environment. We promote a no waste policy = 0% loss during transportation; 0% loss in storage; 0% waste; only 100% Flowers!


You are known to not only do personal bouquets but also corporate and wedding settings – tell us more?

With preserved flowers you will never have to worry about your setting, lack of sunlight, water sources, attracting bugs or allergies! We believe that flowers not only add character to any space, but also introduces the soul of nature – which is why we have an array of beautiful colours and bouquet arrangements to choose from. You can also book a consult and receive personalized bouquet arrangements made to fit your space. There is no setting too big, small or grand for us.


What is your most popular bouquet?

Our most popular bouquets are that of our Hat-Boxes. These come in either 20, 50 or 70 roses depending on the amount the clients wants. There is also an array of beautiful colours to choose from to match any setting or compliment an anniversary or occasion. We pride ourselves on quality products, and hope our clients are able to share their love for longer, no matter the time, day, or season.

Preserved flowers are extremely resistant and long lasting. With the right care, you can enjoy your natural product for months or even years.

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