Elite things deserve the appropriate treatment. Therefore, wine lovers pay much attention to the quality of storage of their favorite beverage, without sparing resources to ensure optimal conditions in which the taste and freshness of wine will be preserved to the maximum. They strive to protect the wine from its four enemies – fluctuating humidity, unsteady temperature, vibration, and UV light. Specialized wine refrigerators perfectly cope with all these tasks. If you are interested in only premium quality, the products of Dunavox, the winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of The Best Luxury Wine Fridge in the World, will be the best solution for your kitchen.The premium European brand of wine coolers Dunavox was founded in 2010. It has rapidly become an industry leader with headquarters in Budapest, Hungary. The company distributes its products in 40 countries around the world. It offers the largest range of premium wine coolers at reasonable prices, which is the result of having a clear mission, perfectly organized structure, strong sales and service network throughout Europe, America, and Asia. In some countries, the company’s share in the wine fridge market is close to 50%.

Most of the wine cooler brands produce different components for their units at different factories, and their assembly is carried out at enterprises, which are often located in Europe or China. This makes it impossible to fully control the quality of products, which leads to poor quality assembly, noisy and short-lived work of the equipment. Dunavox manufactures and constructs the units under one roof in the same factory, while carefully monitoring the quality of the products and their compliance with the highest standards.

Dunavox offers a wide range of products, from relatively compact solutions for private wine collections to equipment for restaurants and hotels. The standard sizes of the brand’s undercounter wine coolers are 150mm, 300mm, 400mm, and 600mm. All of them have beech wood shelves, and some of them are equipped with filters to effectively remove any internal odours.In the course of the research, the Luxury Lifestyle Awards experts have joined the wine connoisseurs all over the world who have already appreciated the premium quality of the Dunavox wine coolers. It is hard not to give in to the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the integrated and built-in units with a maximum bottle capacity of 194 Bordeaux bottles, available in single, dual, or three temperature zones. Those wine lovers who are limited by space in the kitchen can choose from the freestanding wine coolers that feature wood shelves, a tinted glass door, touch controls, LED lit interiors, stainless steel framed, or full glass doors. The larger models are designed for hotels and restaurants; these extremely robust units come with locks, strong sapele shelving, and some of the most durable components in the world.

Since 2006, Dunavox offers the option of applying personalized logos for the wine fridges designed for commercial use. These units also have the options of UV filtered glass doors, shock reducing shelf suspension, and charcoal filters to store wine in optimum condition.