Africa has a rich cultural- and spiritual heritage, enabling generations of African people to draw upon a vast history of experience, behaviours, values and thoughts. Frequently though, African spirituality seems to be at odds with modernity or modern thinking, especially for those who believe that the only way forward is to put aside the things of the past.

As a proudly South African brand that is known for endorsing African pride and excellence, Castle Milk Stout exists to inspire Africans to rediscover and embrace their traditions and values within today’s modern world.


“It has been argued that some aspects of African heritage are seen as less sophisticated in a modern world and are therefore losing relevance amongst the younger generation. However, we believe that the greatest discoveries occur when modernity is informed by our cultural values and traditions, case in point being that our brew masters follow 21 steps to craft a perfectly smooth Castle Milk Stout using a combination of old school craftsmanship and modern technology,” says Castle Milk Stout Brand Manager, Khensani Mkhombo.


Mkhombo adds, “the pre-eminent and pioneering sangoma Gogo Dineo Ndlanzi is also someone who exemplifies the coming together of the sacredness of African spirituality and modern thinking. Although she is a jack of all modern trades including being a life coach, African storyteller, actress, writer, dancer and trained facilitator, her mastery of conveying African spiritual teachings is unparalleled. “

Gogo Dineo defines African culture as a way of life and customs as belief systems and norms that enable that way of life. “A person that is deeply connected and rooted to their ancestors, has a greater potential to thrive. In addition, in African culture, we believe that we don’t only inheret the land and other assets, but our personalities, our behaviours and spiritual gifts are passed on through the bloodline,” she explains.


Her advise for South Africans to begin their individual journeys to re-discovering the richness of their culture is to start with the first step of their own surnames. “Surnames are passed down from our fathers, and connect us to our clans. By starting at home, they will go on a journey of discovery and self-discovery, going on to connect to your Africanness. I believe we are all connected across the continent,” she says.


This year, Castle Milk Stout is kicking its mission of savouring and celebrating African culture up a notch by once again partnering with the Congress of Traditional Leaders of South Africa (CONTRALESA) and the South African public to establish Ancestors’ Day on the 8th of May 2022.

Doing so, will provide sufficient recognition to African spirituality and establish a platform for different cultures to come together for a common cause that has great potential to elevate African spirituality. To ensure that this day is recognised like other religious holidays, a petition can be signed on