The sharing of food has always been part of the human story. Through sharing a meal, we nourish ourselves, nurture relationships, celebrate milestones and connect on a deeper level. However, with varying Covid-19 restrictions in place, our relationship with food and its systems have changed.

Considering this, Chef Terrence Ford has launched Food Connects which is an extraordinary at-home culinary experience that keeps to Covid-19 protocol.

“Restaurants are closing down, chefs and waiters are losing their jobs and somehow I had to think of a way to be able to use my skills to create income as job loss has impacted me too during this pandemic. I believe in affording regular homes the joy of fine-dining in a safe environment and creating unforgettable experiences through Food Connects.” – Terrence Ford

During level 4 of Lockdown, Food Connects is focused on creating customised prepared meals for you and your family which are available for delivery in Cape Town. As the lockdown restrictions ease, the primary service of Chef Terrence Ford preparing and creating a fine-dining experience in your home will resume. To indulge in this customized experience, simply place a booking on or use the chat functionality on the website.

Chef Terrence Ford looks to create a positive impact in the community by creating jobs and cooking with the knowledge of lowering the carbon footprint and sustainability. This is highlighted by using small scale suppliers and sourcing to offer organic produce as well as consideration for the environment.