New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2018 | Part Two

Welcome back to More Than Food Mag for Part Two of NYFW 2018! The designs are never ending and there’s a lot to cover! So, Let’s get started. When people ask me for fashion advice or even ask what my personal taste is like, I always find it hard to tell. I typically have to see a variety of styles and designs in order to express what I feel my personal taste looks like. I usually fall into the category of all black, vintage, and oversized menswear. As I get older and I’m exposed to more designers’ work, I realize that my style is like that of a light switch – never the same for too long.

Cushnie et Ochs

New York Fashion Week Cushnie

​Photograph by Monica Feudi via

Switching up from my usual taste, I was immediately drawn to Cushnie et Ochs collections that literally embodies heaven to me! Forget All Black Everything this fall and brighten your style up a little bit with stunning white silk! Cushnie et Ochs also incorporated a bit of dusty pink colors as well, which is just as charming. Don’t worry – if you’d prefer to stay on the dark side of things this fall, they’ve added beautiful dark colors to the collection, too. Sateen/silk get-ups are women’s go-to fashion trend and have been for two years or so now. I wish I could say that I’m bored, but I’m really not. I don’t mind over-using certain mediums if it means the patterns are changed up and innovative to past looks. You can check out the entire collection online.

Bottega Veneta

New York Fashion Week Bottega

Sarah Berger for Bottega Veneta Fall 2018. Photograph by Yannis Vlamos / via

I’ll be the first to say, I’ve never been entirely keen on the pajama style look. I just can’t imagine where this type of look could be worn unless around the house, or to some super-event where fancy-dress is required. However, I do enjoy looking at this style from afar, on confident women who really know how to work it. The women we all aspire to be! Bottega Veneta took to the runway a collection of PJ style outfits accompanied by longline coats to pull this trend into Fall. The collection was very so, so to me, but I don’t despise it. You can check out the entire collection online.

Matthew Adams Dolan

New York Fashion Week Matthew Adams Dolan

Photograph by Yannis Vlamos / via

My favorite collection for Part Two is Matthew Adams Dolan because your girl is loving the smart-casual look! I find myself always wanting to dress up a bit and make a statement, but not so much of a statement that I look out of place or like a try-hard. Let’s face it, I’m a self-loving try-hard most days, but new year, new me – right? Anyways, I’ve sort of fallen out of contact with denim and I’m finally wanting to embrace it again! Leggings, tights, and loose fitting trousers are my favorite but I think we all, including myself, can benefit from a nice pair of jeans! A pair of jeans paired with a classy button down? Simply can’t go wrong there. You can check out the entire collection online.


New York Fashion Week Chromat

​Model Shan Fernandez for Chromat. Photography by Luca Tombolini / via​

To conclude Part Two of NYFW we need to talk. Alright, I’m aware that not every place in the world is cold during the autumn time but I think we’d all like to agree that for a “Fall” collection, we like to see fall-inspired clothing. Chromat took a different approach and decided to debut a swimwear collections. The designs aren’t awful, and perfect for summer. But fall? Yes, we can all go swimming in Fall on holiday or indoors but this sort of thing just confuses me. I think it’s definitely the wrong time to market a swimwear collection, but for what it’s worth, the collection is pretty nice and I wouldn’t mind sporting these pieces poolside, in the Summer. We won’t even discuss the awkward use of floaties. You can check out the entire collection online.

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