New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2018 | Part One

In the second month of 2018, we were introduced to yet another extravagant New York Fashion Week. On the 8th of February through to the 16th, the fashion world was flooded with stunning new looks for Fall 2018. To put it simply, the designers didn’t disappoint. This fashion season, I’m going to dive into my favorite looks, the questionable ones, and the ones that were just plain foul.

Ulla Johnson

Denim jumpsuits, ruffles on ruffles, and the autumn colors that we love were brought to us by the gorgeous Ulla Johnson. Ulla created the best autumn vibes into patterns that will undoubtedly shape this season’s trends. She combines both comfort and sophistication into this collection. The best part about Fall is transitioning from the warmer weather, to the cooler weather and incorporating the deeper color tones. You can check out the entire collection online.

Ulla Johnson at NYFW

Model Iana Godnia for Ulla Johnson 2018. Photography by Monica Feudi / via

Red Valentino

Red Valentino is giving me all the babydoll vibes! At first, I was slightly skeptical as the “military style” is used heavily in this collection, which I haven’t been a fan of since 2010. I think it’s a really beaten attempt at design. I don’t believe Cold War-era clothing is very universal as Piccioli tried to display. When I came across the dresses, one in specific, I fell in love. It fulfills all my desires in a cutesy, yet unique dress. The dress has a fluffy, off-the-shoulder bodice, that then falls into a pleated paisley skirt. It’s actually gorgeous. Sadly, I cannot find any information about what fur was used which is worrisome to me as I won’t purchase non-cruelty-free products whether that be in fashion or beauty. Many of the dresses in this collection give me 1960s/70s feels which is great, but then again doesn’t follow the exhausted theme of army-like ensembles. If the collection was strictly made up of just the dresses, not even adding anymore pieces, it would have been near perfection. Overall, I’m not displeased. You can check out the entire collection online.

Red Valentino at New York Fashion Week 2018

Photo courtesy of Red Valentino via


A consistent theme for this Fall is floral and vintage – but modernized. Although I like this approach, it does seem a bit overdone. Trends exist for a reason and designers obviously follow suit, but I have a deeper appreciation for designers who step outside of the box and take a risk. Rodarte took just that route with a romantic 1920’s Western theme! This collection is very outlandish and I wouldn’t say all of it is easily wearable, but it’s honest art. Kirsten Dunst really caught my eye as one of the gorgeous models wearing a red, long, lace maternity gown that makes pregnancy look dreamy and 100 percent glamorous! You can check out the entire collection online.

Rodarte at New York Fashion Week

Kirsten Dunst for Rodarte. Photograph by Autumn de Wilde // Courtesy of Rodarte for

Adam Selman

I’m going to wrap up Part One with Adam Selman who experimented a bit with printmaking, animal patterns, alongside a large dash of edginess. This collection, unlike the others, gives a more millennial imagery. The beginning of the millennial generation began in the 80s where fashion and style really started to evolve, or so I’d like to think. The 80s were all about loud colors, prints, accessories, and makeup. Selman presents the perfect combination of all of those, even if that wasn’t his intention. Everything from the hair and makeup, to the big belts, to the clothing pieces themselves, I see absolutely no fault. The wearability of this collection is spectacular and I’d even go as far to say the age limit to wear these designs aren’t limited. You can check out the entire collection online.

Adam Selman at New York Fashion Week

Model Lili Sumner for Adam Selman. Photography by Luca Tombolini / via

NYFW has taken us for a bit of a roller coaster ride, and for once, I can’t say that I want off! It’s sad to see NYFW pass, as it does, but reviewing the designs after the fact is still just as exhilarating! Stay tuned for Part Two and Part Three of New York Fashion Week before we move onto LFW! We’re all aware that London is known for bringing their A-game and I have no doubt that they’re a force to be reckoned with this fashion season!