Toronto Fashion Week 2018 | Day Two

With the conclusion of Day One of Toronto Fashion Week, we move on to Day Two! We have been introduced to some noteworthy up-and-coming designers. The industry has changed so much over the years, especially in regard to the environment. I really appreciate this type of evolution within the industry. It’s refreshing that we now live in a time where we can be both fashionable and considerate of wildlife and our world.

Hilary MacMillan

Hilary MacMillan at Toronto Fashion Week 2018

Hilary MacMillan via

Hilary MacMillan, a cruelty free contemporary designer established in 2013, has presented us with some amazing pieces that I’m begging to have in my wardrobe this year! The greatest thing about contemporary fashion is the wearability of it all. Anyone can wear it, and for any occasion. Contemporary clothing can be dressed up or down. I adore designs that can be worn in every aspect of everyday life. This is a major selling point to me and many other consumers. Let’s be real, fashion is expensive. When a designer creates clothing that is timeless and easily wearable, their brand is all the more desirable. Appealing to a large amount of buyers/consumers is very important in the world of fashion. Designers should always incorporate their own taste into their designs, but also take the market into consideration. Hilary did just that. My only concern for Hilary is her minor lack of creativity in this collection. Contemporary and wearable clothing doesn’t mean the designs should conform to those in some fast fashion department stores. Standing out is just as important! Overall, I’d say she’s done an astounding job.

Tara Rivas

Tara Rvias at Toronto Fashion Week 2018

Tara Rivas via

As many of you are aware, we are edging closer to Valentine’s day. When I think of Valentine’s Day, I immediately associate the holiday with love hearts, red, pink, and of course, chocolates. Don’t we all? Well, Tara Rivas launched her dreamy, and very red, Fall/Winter 2018 collection. Saying I’m ‘in love’ is quite the understatement. Rivas couldn’t have picked a better time to present her gorgeous collection to the world! However, picking themes like ‘love’ and simply ‘red’ is a bit exhausted. I would have really liked to see more added to the theme instead of just the obvious. When I’m critiquing a collection, I try to think universally – not just through my own eyes. I can write here with full honesty and say that I would wear every ensemble in this collection. Looking at Rivas’ creation from another perspective, I can see where it’s a bit boring and lacking in certain aspects.  


Beauty Trends on the Runway

Although Fashion Week is primarily revolved around new designs and articles of clothing, I’d really like to go over some of the beauty trends seen so far on the runway. Makeup is like an accessory to someone’s look. From dramatic and full faces of makeup, to a simple lip and nude eyeshadow – all are making a statement. Personally, I’m definitely a woman for a full face of makeup. Not everyone is okay with the time or even the look of a lot of makeup, so going for a more subtle face might be the best route for them. For Day One of Toronto Fashion Week, Triarchy presented their beautiful models with a more natural and glowy look that I adored. On Day Two, Rivas had her girls wearing a bold lip and deep eyes, as seen above. I enjoy the beauty side of fashion week just as much as I do the designs, arguably.

Day Three of Toronto Fashion week is upon us and I’m avidly waiting to give a review of the looks I fancy the most. It’s one of the finer moments when seeing these designers break onto the runway with their art. There’s much more ahead!