The man who wears Bulge & Bum sports the secret to confidence in everyday life. You can see it in the way he walks that Bulge and Bum walk – A confident smile and a sexy spunky attitude.

Bulge & Bum have even gone above-and-beyond the need to experience comfort by introducing their fresh grooming range for you to look as chic as you feel – strong and scrubby Boar Hair Brushes, Beard Oils and Camel Milk enriched shaving soap.

So just how comfortable can these briefs be you ask? Well, we’ve tried them out to give you the lowdown!

The briefs, jocks and g-strings trademark lifting pouches provide ample space with very little adjustments needed throughout the day. A big bonus we’ve yet to find in any other underwear. The silk woven elastic gently hugs the waist, comfortably sitting on the hips with no risk of them edging downwards – trustworthy trunks! Your underwear is the first thing you put on when you get dressed, so we’d recommend wearing Bulge & Bum briefs as a butt-kicking first option. Check out their awesome briefs range here.

For the adventurous man wanting to make a splash, the swim trunks extend comfortability and confidence to the pool. The seamless transition from daytime wear to swimwear will amaze you. The trunks aren’t clingy – like some people we know – and you’ll be at liberty to exit the pool without worrying about shifting your best assets. Before your next dip in the pool, get yourself some sexy swimmers here.

Now for the gentlemens’ face, whether sheen-clean-shaven, stubbled or bearded, you’ll get a kick out of the luxurious grooming experience with the B&B shaving combo. Lather up with the elegant Bulge & Bum dish, brush and soap to ensure every morning is a fresh start. You won’t want to hit the snooze button one more time when you have this sort of pampering to look forward to every morning! The gentle lanolin-rich soap alleviates irritation and those nasty dry patches – you’ll really feel as fresh as you look!

Producing comfortable underwear is a thankless job which we only notice when our briefs just don’t sit right. Made from 100% Recycled Yori, Bulge & Bum has curated a plethora of underwear designs, for men who enjoy a seamless underwear experience. The Shaving Combo is a must for any man to feel comfortable showing face.

Check out their website for even more exciting products for the exceptional everyday man. Here’s a little secret too… pre-orders of their sexy new Classics range are now open and you can get 15% off on their end of range sale too.

So head over to Bulge & Bum quick to #IndulgeYourBulge. You know you want to!

Images courtesy of Brand Viljoen Photography