Imagine for a moment wide open fields of wild grass, brightly coloured flowers, the way the sun shines through the tops of trees to create that dappled light effect on your skin, the juice that slowly drips from a piece of fresh fruit as you bite into it and rolls down your fingers to your elbow…that is the imagery that comes to mind when one listens to up-and-coming Durban artist Jade Aux’s just-released EP, Petrichor.

The dictionary definition of the word ‘petrichor’ is “a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather”. As described by the artist in a series of short clips available via her Instagram account, the name is symbolic as the first song she ever wrote was about the rain. Thus, this EP can be considered the first rain for the artist after a dry season of no song writing, with its songs embodying the meaning of that unique smell that is produced when the rain hits dry land. The smell of rejuvenation and renewal if you will, and that is exactly how one feels after listening to Jade Aux’s music.

Petrichor was officially released for our listening pleasure on all digital platforms (i.e. iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play Music, Deezer, etc.) on the 16th March 2018. Perfect for road trips, listening to while you take a nice long shower after a stressful day, dancing in your room, and playing for friends over end-of-the-week drinks, Petrichor is one of those EPs that feeds your soul, as one can hear that the artist has put a lot of hers into it.

Being present at the Petrichor launch held at Con Amoré on Station Drive this past Tuesday was a great privilege for me as I got to bear witness to the incredible support Jade Aux has enjoyed, and still does, from her friends and family during her journey of creating her first EP. Opening the night was one of the artist’s good friends and incredible talent Victoria Raw, another musical force to be reckoned with who is currently taking the Durban music scene by storm with her sultry, jazzy vocals.

What made this evening even more special was the insight those present gained into the meaning of each song on the EP and how the songs came to life. The artist truly bore her soul for us that night, captivating her audience with easy confidence and grace as she transitioned from one song to the next. The credit and admiration she expressed for her band was palpable, their contribution clearly invaluable to her as she praised them each.

Folksy, authentic, and upbeat, Jade Aux’s music will transport you to that happy mindscape that only truly good music can take you to. If you haven’t already stopped what you’re doing to download the EP now, I give you full permission to do so this instant, you can thank me later.

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Stay tuned as I sit down with Jade Aux herself to learn more about her as an artist and for her to give us her insights into Petrichor and what it’s like being a 20-year-old student recording an EP.