Eat, Drink, Explore Hoi An: Editor’s Top Picks

On the second day of arrival in Hoi An – after six months of travel around SE Asia and Australia – I knew it was the place for me. Originally planning to stay only three days, I’ve been based here almost two years! The ocean, the vibe, the food; these are just some of the reasons why I haven’t left.

Below, I share some of my most favourite places to eat, drink, explore, and work in Hoi An. Are some of your top spots on my list? Did I miss one? Share your insights in the comments below!


Central Vietnam is known as the food mecca of the country, and I’m not surprised! Hoi An is home to some of the most colourful, flavourful dishes around. Here are my top places to EAT.

1. Sea Shell by Nu Eatery

The best gỏi cuốn (fresh rolls) and bánh bao kẹp (steamed buns) you’ll find!

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2. Mr. Son Restaurant

A little mom and pop restaurant located on An Hoi Island has a cosy, outdoor vibe. I highly recommend the fried rice (cơm chiên), pumpkin sautéed with peanuts, and Vietnamese pancake (bánh xèo).

3. Bon Restaurant

Hands down, the best eggplant claypot dish you’ll ever eat. Anywhere. Period.

4. Karma Waters

I eat at this vegan restaurant probably 3 – 4 times a week! Go for the vegetable curry, you won’t be disappointed.

5. Tam Quang Minh

My local Vietnamese vegetarian breakfast and lunch spot. Tam Quang Minh offers the classics: My Quang, Cau Lau, Pho, Bun, and an all you can eat vegetarian rice buffet.

6. Rosie’s Cafe

Rosie’s Cafe is owned by some of the sweetest people you’ll meet: Thuy and My. The cafe is a great place for breakfast, smoothie bowls, juices, and sits hidden in one of Hoi An’s beautiful laneways.

7. Nomad Yoga & Cafe

Yoga studio and vegan cafe, Nomad Yoga & Cafe has a great assortment of breakfast and lunch options. My favourites: the green smoothie bowl, Japanese Buddha bowl (pictured), and a cucumber, pineapple, and mint juice.

8. Circle

The best burgers in Hoi An! Their vegetarian burger’s base is made with beetroot and is extra yum 😉 some other popular burgers are the Juicy Lucy (the patty is stuffed with cheese) and the peanut butter burger!

9. Ganesh Indian Restaurant

I didn’t really like Indian food until I got to Vietnam, funny, I know! And, I’ve tried Ganesh restaurants all around Vietnam – from HCMC to Phu Quoc – Hoi An’s location has the best flavours.

10. Vegan Beets

New to the town, Vegan Beets is one of my new favourite go-tos. What should you try? Everything! I love how fresh and light the burger is, and how delicious the sweet potato based cheese sauce tastes. Their cinnamon scrolls and coconut vegan ice cream also make me swoon.

11. The Happy Buffalo

Started by fellow Torontonians, Lindsay and Evan, this space is great for watching the sun set over the rice paddies, chill with a drink, and nibble of fusion tapas. My favourite: the kim chi fried rice (which they’ll make vegetarian and/or vegan for you!)

12. MIX Greek Restaurant

MIX and #12 below, Blu Mart, are the two best – and only – Greek places in town. I love them both, for different reasons! If you’re craving a Mediterranean vibe and authentic Greek food, go to MIX. Their souvlaki to the free chocolate/banana dessert is not to miss.

13. Blu Mart Greek Slovaki

And if you’re craving Greek food while out at the beach – head to Blu Mart! Their hummus makes my heart swell.

14. Am Restaurant

My go to when I’m craving leafy green veg and canh chua (sweet and spicy soup!)

15. Minh Hien II or III

Minh Hien II has been popular for awhile, but adding to the family restaurant chain is the beautiful Minh Hien III near the Old Town. Set in a green garden with avocado trees and historic architecture, the third location is a must go! Note: III is a bit more expensive than II, but granted, rent is probably astronomical in that location.


16. Sound of Silence

Coffee. Ocean. Need I say more?

17. The Espresso Station

Another hidden laneway gem, the coffee at the Espresso Station is made with tons of love.

18. Le Cabanon

Along the river in Old Town, Le Cabanon boasts French food and flavour. For my fellow vegetarian Canadains, this is the only place that will make you a vegetarian poutine.

19. The Fisherman Vegan Restaurant

New to the An Bang scene, the Fisherman is a great spot for smoothies, fresh coconuts, and lounging by the ocean.

20. Phin Coffee

Newly renovated and relocated to a bigger space. I love Phin Coffee for its open, outdoor garden space.

21. Mango Rooms

If I were still drinking alcohol, Mango Rooms would be my go-to. You can also check out the sister restaurants: Mango Mango and Mai Fish.

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22. The T Room Gin Bar

The T Room Gin Bar is also another place to check out if you’re craving some unique gin cocktails.


As someone who spends quite a big chunk of time behind my laptop, I like to mix up my “office”. Luckily, Hoi An is filled with great cafes, restaurants, and coworking spaces to work from.

For an ocean view:

23. Soul Beach

24. Salt Pub

25. The Fisherman Vegan Restaurant

26. Sound of Silence

Closer to town:

27. Rosie’s Cafe

28. Dingo Deli (air conditioned)

29. Hi Phin Coffee (air conditioned)

30. Hub Hoi An Co-Working Space (air conditioned)

This article was updated by the Editor on August 1, 2018.